Request for SNF Participation in Research Study About Antibiotic Improvement Activities

On January 29, 2015, the DQA sent out a request for all Wisconsin skilled nursing facilities to participate in a research study about antibiotic improvement. This is a final reminder to all nursing homes who have not started or completed the survey to please do so, the survey will only be available for completion until April 30, 2015. If your nursing home has completed the survey or is in the process of completing the survey, please disregard this message.

Here is the content of the original email:

Request for Nursing Home Participation in Research Study about Antibiotic Improvement Activities

Investigators in the Division of Infectious Disease at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (Christopher Crnich) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (Philip Smith) are seeking participants for a survey study of nursing home antibiotic stewardship practices. The objective of this study is to gain a better understanding of the types of practices nursing homes are currently using to improve antibiotic use in residents of Wisconsin and Nebraska long-term care facilities (LTCFs).

The CDC has declared antibiotic resistance as one of its highest priority areas for improving the care of patients in all care settings. The use and misuse of antibiotics is the key driver of antibiotic resistance. Consequently, many nursing homes have begun to enact strategies to improve antibiotic use.  The current study will generate important information on the types of strategies nursing homes are using to improve antibiotic use and the frequency that these strategies are being used in Wisconsin and Nebraska.  This survey will provide useful insights into your own antibiotic stewardship efforts.  In addition, at the completion of the study collective data will be shared from all participating Nebraska and Wisconsin LTCFs with your facility.  This survey is completely confidential.  The results from this study will be pooled and possibly published but no individual facilities will be identified.

Participation is voluntary. The screening survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be conducted through a link to an online survey.  If you are willing to participate in the survey, please click on the following link

It is recommended that the Director of Nursing or facility Infection Preventionist complete this survey. Detailed survey instructions are attached to this announcement. While some of the questions in this survey may require input from several staff in the facility, each facility should only complete one survey. If you feel you are not the most appropriate person to respond to the survey, please forward this email to the person who can best answer questions regarding the use of antibiotics in your facility. 

Please call or email Sowmya Adibhatla at (608) 263-1545 or if you have any questions regarding the study.

At the completion of the screening survey, you will be asked to participate in a more in-depth follow-up survey, which is optional. Both surveys are completely confidential.

Thank you for taking the time to assist furthering the knowledge of processes of antibiotic use in LTCFs.